In RE our principal aim is to enable children to gain some understanding of the nature of religious beliefs and practices and the importance of these in the lives of believers. Moreover, we are attempting to show children a spiritual dimension to life; that there is more to living than just the material things.

The content of the curriculum (which broadly follows the Agreed Syllabus of the LEA) draws much material from Christianity, this being the religious faith which has most influenced British culture. To make the curriculum relevant to children growing up in modern society, we also cover an introduction to other religious commitments, beliefs and practices. We are concerned with helping children to become aware of experiences and concepts basic to all religions, to investigate the features of the major religions and to develop a sympathetic appreciation of values of the world's major faiths and belief systems.

RE will sometimes make connections with other subjects and thereby add a new dimension to them and at the same time place the RE in context.

Parents have the right to ask for their child to be excused from RE and collective worship on the grounds of conscience.

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