Healthy Schools

We are delighted to announce that Oak Farm Junior School has been awarded "Healthy Schools" status. This is an excellent achievement, and reflects a great deal of development work completed within the school. The initiative is built on the understanding that healthy, emotionally resilient children are better able to achieve, grow in confidence and become valuable members of the school community.

Some of the reasons we are a healthy school are;

  • A new set of RESPECT values drawn up & shared with staff, chilren and parents.
  • Greater emphasis on anti-bullying week; supported by work within class time.
  • Hardworking playground buddies to ensure children experience a happy playtime.
  • Huge range of extra curricular sports activities. Increased uptake of sports clubs by children. Sports exhibition evening to showcase sports done in school.
  • Junior Sports Leaders organise games for younger children.
  • A new school travel plan including the installation of a new zebra crossing and reduced speed zone outside the school.
  • Excellent uptake of the Walk on Wednesday scheme including monthly class champions.
  • Continued safe cycle training at Level 1 and 2 standards.
  • Healthy eating workshops provided for parents.
  • Review of PSHE & SEALs scheme of work to ensure coverage of all key areas.
  • A new whole school food policy.
  • Improved dining experience.
  • Active School Council.

Future Developments

  • Development of the gardening and growing area.
  • Introduction of a growing club.
  • Growing activities built into the new creative curriculum.
  • Continued improval of the dining experiance.
  • Increased use of the junior play leaders with younger children.